Another day is passing

Another day is passing
This is the place to go at night, when the sun is gone and you want be consumed into an atmospheric world of fantasy, where your thoughts and what you feel can slip by unnoticed to let what you find here be all that really exists. This is the fire for the moth and the sunlight for the flowers. This is the lagune where all creatures gather for safety and shelter, just so the night won't come and take them - but intead lead them into a safe and dreamfull sleep.

24. maj 2011

(Never) Alone

Never alone and never on my own
Always a light on to lead the way
and to shine upon places where darkness lay.

And a quick thrust of my fist through the thorns
to save you, so you can help me count all dawns
to count everytime the sun rises up
and count every minute where it is above.

Shaping clouds and pushing waves
we blow at the sky to remove all haze
so our vision has dept and is more than a picture
and we can know the difference between this and fiction.

But who are those dark forces, hiding the sky from us
and the cloudcutting angels who decreases our loss?
They save the day when we're covered in black
but when we're caught again, to save us; They'll come back.

15. maj 2011

When leaders cry

A mist-covered sword was thrown through the air
as a symbol of our victory here.

Clothes of the men were stained with blood,
and it covered the ground as if drowned by a flood.

The corpses of hundreds were illuminated by the moon,
but the proud battleflags were still standing on the dune.
Our captain was looking with a cold and dead gaze,
upon the field of the shadows, upon every man's face.

And the sensation at this place, which we all shared,
was the living mark of what we at this day had dared.
We knew why we slayed, we had our orders,
but conscience should be the thing that would sort us.

A breathe of fresh air could not remove the guilt
and I thought it over: "Is it for this we are build?"
- "We had our orders, therefor they had to die!"
and when hearing those words, our leader started to cry.

13. maj 2011


I have my moments where I recognize the past,
At places where I remember what I did there last.
And the sky seems the same, with its clouds without shape,
and here there is no harm and no reason to escape.

In the time of these moments, comes a scent of silence.
I forget every wound and kill - Unreal is the voilence.
My tears run dry, my face and mind is clean
because I'm back at the place that I have, more than once, seen

I'm there, but I'm quiet - the sun seems to be forever
it's father and creator must have been clever
It gives me warmth and lights up my eyes
And when we stand in its glory, we cannot tell lies

At once - The tongue of every man, the cry of any being,
I suddenly understand and therefor, smiles are all I'm seeing.
I cannot thank the world enough, for lending me its space.
But what matters even more, is that it let's me return to this place.

I think I've seen it all, but every little grass seems new
it doesn't ruin the picture though, it makes me grateful like the few.
I thank the world for letting me exist to see all of this,
and when I go home to sleep, in my dreams, will I this miss.

11. maj 2011

To see it grow

To see a child grow more every day
learning how to talk and discover new words to say
telling the surrounding world, of the joy and the grace
spreading hugs and kisses, with a smiling face.

To see roses grow, turning lovely red
and even with its thorns we will pick without regret
and give it away, as a sign of love
knowing that what we have, will grow soon enough

To see a people grow, acknowledging and evolving.
Admitting its mistakes, revaluing and solving.
Facing any trouble, with peace instead of war
Letting tranquility be a part of life even more.

To see a rainy day, turn into pure light
and thereby witness the world stopping a fight
A struggle is gone, new life is born
and we're all smiling long after dawn. 

9. maj 2011

The moth in the fire

My flapping wings, illuminated by the fire
just standing fluttering and charming but dire
I know it's life, I must feel it up close
How could it be dangerous?
Well that's life I suppose...

If I get closer, I will feel it even more
But can I tell the distance
before I am hurt as before?

Can I touch it?
won't I get burned?
Is the cost worth the reward?
Isn't it as I learned?

Inside the fire, I see her eyes
I read the truth of what she felt
Now I know there were no lies.

I see hundreds of hands
stretching to reach me
bruised from thorns
harmed unbelievably

Should I just fly away
and forget what I saw,
live in the cold dark
living as a flaw?

Or is there more in the fire
than I have ever believed?
I could take the chance to see
what miracles life has weaved

3. maj 2011

Into the picture and wonderful realm

I jump into the picture and reach a place
that seems eternal, but without empty space.
It stretches as far as my fantasy.
It is a neverending galaxy.

Here we have beauty, without coarse
freedom, joy and no delimiting laws
It's tall and wide, the planets are close
I'm glad we got here, before our own world froze

For every step I take, new land is made
I wonder if what's behind will therefor fade?
Is the nostalgia killed, because I cannot go back;
or must the memories remain so all won't turn black?

The sky is ocean blue and I taste the calm winds
one of them cannot be alone, they are as twins.
And so is my being and this wonderful land,
I am both the earth, the sky, the seas and the sand

2. maj 2011

Enclosing Darkness

Dove into the eye sockets,
like a lightless deep.
I've emptied my pockets,
before I made my leap

I guess the end is here,
but why is there a door?
Lying scared from the fear,
I found safety on the floor

Crawling beneath a shadow,
In a vain try to flee.
The darkness here is hollow,
Only I can stop me.

I ran tiredless and reached
planets, stars and galaxies.
Made it to the edge of the world
where the black hole leaks.

It's quite and dark,
no breath or sigh.
I have made my mark,
Now I'm ready to die.

1. maj 2011

One man

One single man believing

I am one man carrying the blocks of stone
planned to be used for what I'm building on my own
A temple of symbols painted so simple
that they are easily understood by decent and evil people.

Some may find this place after I am gone
but until then, I expect to be alone.
And those who find it, will walk the way I walked
see the things I saw and meet with whom I talked

I ran through the battlefields of raging crusaders
who had burning swords and was fighting nonbelievers.
They took those who questioned and pushed them into the abyss
and with bloodied hands, it was their God they dismissed.

I met with people of the greatest empire
who arrogantly thought that it couldn't expire
But their walls would crumble and fall to the ground
And I quickly memorized that doom-like sound

I swam through waters of hallucinating oceans.
Survival and my life became distant and rare notions.
But to fight and defeat my inner anxiety
I had to walk through the valley of sobriety.

But now I'm enjoying my life in peace
I'm free from boundaries, I'm free from the leash
And the annotations of my life that I've told
will enrichen people's lives, and the truth will unfold

Hearing silent & evil words

Smiling lips and diamond eyes
Are they hiding a truth, are they telling me lies?
Poisonous fangs in the yelling mouth
infecting the words heard by the crowd

Simple animosity without reason from the ghouls
led by the blinded, who makes them into fools
Who's the ignorant, the deaf or the blind?
Should I trust the one, who conquers my mind?

Question marks and demon tongues
these loud words, will empty my lungs
Why am I in doubt, is there more to confess?
Could I end my despair, by just saying "Yes"?