Another day is passing

Another day is passing
This is the place to go at night, when the sun is gone and you want be consumed into an atmospheric world of fantasy, where your thoughts and what you feel can slip by unnoticed to let what you find here be all that really exists. This is the fire for the moth and the sunlight for the flowers. This is the lagune where all creatures gather for safety and shelter, just so the night won't come and take them - but intead lead them into a safe and dreamfull sleep.

19. dec. 2011

I return on a cold night

A path of nascent, growing grass
has made me a homeleading and colourful path.
The road is surrounded by a dessert of snow
and when asked to leave, the wind whispered "No".

Shined upon by stars and a playful moon;
playing hide and seek with clouds, who are to find them soon.
The forests laugh and the storm falls asleep,
planets smile and the ocean stops its weep

Lunar's plea for the sleeping sun
is a virtuous deed when the night is long
And the tranquil song from the humming stars
is a guide into the morning's warming arms

My breath is a fog and the air is cold
returning home this season turned out to be bold.
Because I came from the sea and when I saw the shore
my chin was covered with frozen tears of awe.

As when I layed back my head to face the sky
the night asked only for a quiet goodbye.
I whispered a "thank you" to whatever above
and wished I'd return to all the things I love