Another day is passing

Another day is passing
This is the place to go at night, when the sun is gone and you want be consumed into an atmospheric world of fantasy, where your thoughts and what you feel can slip by unnoticed to let what you find here be all that really exists. This is the fire for the moth and the sunlight for the flowers. This is the lagune where all creatures gather for safety and shelter, just so the night won't come and take them - but intead lead them into a safe and dreamfull sleep.

4. aug. 2011

A' lone night

The moon is full from where I stand
but how is it back in my sweethearts land?

Is the sky as dark and filled with clouds?
Has the night also silenced all the yelling mouths?

Has the drunks' party ended,
making everyone go home?
Are we the only couple tonight
were both sleep alone?

Just thinking about you is a mesmerising spell
but where my thoughts went can't anybody tell

And my last return won't be as the night
'cause I'll still be here when there is no light

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