Another day is passing

Another day is passing
This is the place to go at night, when the sun is gone and you want be consumed into an atmospheric world of fantasy, where your thoughts and what you feel can slip by unnoticed to let what you find here be all that really exists. This is the fire for the moth and the sunlight for the flowers. This is the lagune where all creatures gather for safety and shelter, just so the night won't come and take them - but intead lead them into a safe and dreamfull sleep.

27. apr. 2011

The march into Tartarus

The armies of light have been sent from the sun and into Tartarus itself. A last-stand bastion against the evil that lurks at world’s deepest corner. At its farthest end.

I, among others of the winged people from the Horizon Kingdom, sit upon shadowless clouds watching our brave compatriots march forward towards the ocean of darkness in front of them.
Knights and captains of the glowing sun that’s shining upon their backs, with armors, shields and swords of gleaming light will blind the shades and shadows, only to throw them into depravity and vanquish – to never exist in our world again.
A clearer sign of hope, a greater symbol of victory through the good has never been seen – and glory is presented here in all its meaning.

To keep our troops from confusion, I shout to them from my skyhigh viewpoint:

“Men! Do not fear that darkening clouds nor the gloomy night may sneak up from behind.
The only drops that will fall from the sky from now on, are tears of joy from the people you defend, who sit among me and thank the greater fates that evil finally will come to an end – because of you!
We are eternally grateful to you and you will be celebrated for your deeds week after week, month after month, for this is truly the greatest moment in the history of a world made for the good!”

We’re now only waiting for their unquestionable return...

We know they’re still alive, due the light that still shines from their blessed armors, down from the deep pit and all the way to the surface of the earth.
The only cries of terror are from the dying savages of evil who are being destroyed by the hands of good men. And total peace and nirvana seems to be in clear sight…

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