Another day is passing

Another day is passing
This is the place to go at night, when the sun is gone and you want be consumed into an atmospheric world of fantasy, where your thoughts and what you feel can slip by unnoticed to let what you find here be all that really exists. This is the fire for the moth and the sunlight for the flowers. This is the lagune where all creatures gather for safety and shelter, just so the night won't come and take them - but intead lead them into a safe and dreamfull sleep.

27. apr. 2011

A matter of Punishment

Man will always look, with eyes of red
upon their world in ruin, upon where they bled.
They will step on life and banish all reason
float in mistrust, and treat friendship with treason.

Driven by an instinct, living as the feral
becoming the threat and causing all peril
Spoken to, by a voice of power
but standing lifeless and dead as a cadaver

Because of how we act, we are the punished and the blamed
never held accountable, but self-immolated and inflamed
We never earn respect, never thank or salute
So our hearts turn to stone, when peace we do not pursuit

In the end, we will stand under the sky
watching the sunset with a never-blinking eye.
We will be statues of glass, that never moves an inch
 and be of no harm, unable to flinch.

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